Hello! 1st time posting! Trying to utilize my resources. Operative report reads:

PROCEDURE: Multiple incisional epineurotomies and excision of Dupuytren's tissue right ring, index, first web space and long finger.

Attention was turned to the palm, where all identifiable Dupuytren's tissue was palpated. Transverse incisions, approximately 5 to 7 mm, in length were made along each of the palpable cords, approximately 1/2" apart. Dissection in each was carried down through skin and subcutaneous tissue and care was taken to identify neurovascular bundles and protect them. The cords were transected at each incision and segments of the cord and
nodules were excised between each wound. This was done until all identifiable tissue was no longer present. There was a large cord in line with the ring, a lesser cord in line with the long and the first web space. There was also one to the base of the index finger. Once all tissue was incised and excised, the wounds were irrigated well.

I am looking at 26450 coded once. I felt more was done than 26040. Can anyone offer some insight.

Thank you!
June H