Hello all,

Would this be 13160 and 27331 for procedure 1?

97605-97606 for procedure 2?-I will ask physician to document cm size.

15852 for procedure 3?


dx: s/p right knee traumatic arthrotomy (MVA)
s/p right ulna mid-forearm open shaft fracture
Abrasion/road rash, left knee soft tissue

1.) RT Knee I & D and washout of the intraarticular space w/re-closure of right knee laceration.
2.) Dressing and vacuum change, right forearm open wound
3.) Dressing change, leftg knee abrasion.

RT LE dressings were removed. Previous nylon sutures were removed from right knee incision. All tissue healthy. There was a previous closure of lateral arthrotomy throught the lateral capsuole adjacemnt to the lateral aspect of the patella, where the pt's open injury occurred at the time of accident. We removed several PDS sutures. We evacuated about 200mL of a seroma from the RT knee which appeared sterile. NO evidence of infection. 4 liters of pulsatile lavage was irrigated through knee joint. No evidence of loose bodies/fragments within knee joint. There appeared to be a small fragment from the inferolateral aspect of teh patella, which had previously excised. After washing knee joint, the lateral traumatic arthrotomy was again closed with several PDS sutures. No drains necessary.

Attn was turned to right forearm. The dressings were taken down. Previous wound VAC was removed. No avascular tissue. All tissue was healthy and viable. After washing the surface and cleaning it thoroughly, a wound VAC was replaced and dressings were reapplied and secured.

Finally, left knee bandages were removed. Moderate road rash/abrasion noted. These were thoroughly irrigated and cleased. No evidence of infection or gross contamination. Sterile adaptic dressings were placed over the top of skin folowed by sterile 4x4 ABDs and Kerlix rap. This completed the procedure.