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Thread: Excision breast mass

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    Default Excision breast mass

    WOULD anyone be willing to help code the following:
    EXCISION 1 cm Rt breast mass - PATH: Acute dermal
    abscess with associated FB reaction, soft tissue from the right breast; benign
    This I believe was skin no margins - Theres no Op report - this was done in the office
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    Are you needing CPT or DX? If CPT, can you give an excerpt from the op? Was the skin incised and then the specimen excised from the breast? Or was this a skin issue with breast tissue margins?
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    Removal of foreign body, complicated. It sounds like just a skin abscess as an inflammatory reaction to the foreign body. that is what the 'Removal of FB, complicated' code is for. if there was more removed than just the FB and the abscess, then you would need more information from your provider, such as depth and size of the lesion removed.

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