Hi all, I am auditng an MD's (psychiatrist) chart and she selected 96152. I know that HBAI codes are for Medical dx and not Mental dx, but I need some clarification/direction/opinions regarding the following:

Patient presents with a history of depression/anxiety diagnosed and treated with medication by this MD. Additionally, the patient sees the psychotherapist for therapy. The psychotherapist is leaving the practice and patient presents to the MD to question whether or not she still needs to be seen by pyschiatry/psychology any more. The MD reiterated succesful behavioral techniques that the patient could use if the symptoms arise, but for now there are no symptoms and signs off. Furthermore, the patient is not on any psychotropic meds.

Should we bill the health and behavior assessment code since there is no mental diagnosis or are these codes disqualified because there is a hx of?

Any feedback is genuinely appreciated!