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Thread: styloid process excision

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    Question styloid process excision

    Need help for CPT code for transoral excision of elongated styloid process (Eagle Syndrome). Would the unlisted code 21499 be best or is there something specific? Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    According the th AAOHNS and Zupko you are correct with the 21499 code.

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    Thanks so much. Noted in my CPT coding book for next time it turns up!!

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    Smile elongated styloid process

    What were your charges for the elongated styloid process? did you include a letter with op notes ? thank you

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    Will have to check with your Doc to give comparable surgical procedure for cost. Definitely will need to submit op report since it is an unlised cpt.

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    Unhappy styloid process excision

    Sorry, I only do the coding and no billing. Can't help you out on that. I do agree that a seperate letter would have to be submitted though.

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    Did anyone ever find a comparable code for pricing?
    Please help!
    Cori Sampson

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    Wink comparable code

    Wondering if anyone was able to find a comparable code for pricing?

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    Default Resection of styloid 21499 CPT

    Can anyone help with a comparable code?

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    Default 21499 excistion of styloid process

    What is everyone using for comparable code?

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