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Preoperative Diagnosis: Three part intraarticular fracture distal radius and scaphoid ligament tear.
Postoperative Diagnosis: Three part intraarticular fracture distal radius and scaphoid ligament tear.
Name of Surgery: Open reduction and internal fixation of three-part fracture to repair the scaphoid ligament.
Complications: None.
Procedure: The patient was brought to the operating room and general anesthetic was obtained. Left upper extremity was prepped and draped in routine fashion. Extremity was exsanguinated with an Esmarch bandage and tourniquet inflated to 250 mmHg pressure. A modified Mayo approach to the wrist was carried out. A capsular sparing incision was made in the capsule and the capsule reflected. The intraarticular surface of the distal radius was disrupted and scapholunate ligament was torn.
The wrist was reduced by using 0.045 Kirschner wire with joysticks. A 3-mm cannulated cancellous compression screw was placed across the wrist securing the two main fragments. The dorsal fragment was also present, which was reduced with the Kirschner wire and radial styloid was also reduced with a Kirschner wire as well. The joint line was well reconstructed.
Attention was then directed to the scaphoid ligament. A 0.045 Kirschner wire was placed into scaphoid, the scaphoid was reduced, and held in a reduced position and 0.045 Kirschner wire was passed until scaphoid was identifiable. A mini Mitek anchor was placed in the scaphoid and the scapholunate ligament was reduced to the bone securing the sutures. Wound was sterilely irrigated with saline. The capsule was then closed with Monocryl and the retinaculum closed with Monocryl but leaving extensor pollicis longus free. Subcutaneous tissue, and the skin was closed with Monocryl sutures as well. Marcaine 0.5% plain instilled in the wound for postoperative pain control. Sterile dressing applied followed by application of a short-arm plaster splint.
Tourniquet was deflated with immediate prompt capillary refill present. The patient tolerated the procedure well and taken to the recovery room in satisfactory condition