I am attaching my resume to the thread. I am a Medical Biller with 7 years billing experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have recently taken, and passed, the CPC-A exam. While I have no direct coding experience, in my position as the Lead Medical Biller, I frequently assess the coders work, as I forward their workload to them, and then to the billing staff once the coding is complete. I look forward to speaking with someone soon, so I can gain the experience needed to become an expert coder. Resume will not attach, I am including a copy here.

Sherry M Pullen
Mobile: 316-990-3070
Evening Phone: 316-295-4810
Day Phone: 316-685-2221 EXT 57011
Email: sherry_pullen_7@hotmail.com

Country of citizenship: United States of America
Veterans' Preference: 10-point preference based on spouse, widow, widower, or mother preference
Highest Grade: GS-0303-7, 11/2006-Present
Contact Current Employer: Yes

AVAILABILITY Job Type: Permanent

Work Schedule: Full Time

Desired Work Environment Post-graduate
Alternative Work Schedule


WORK EXPERIENCE Department of Veterans Affairs 5/2006 - Present
Wichita, KS US
Grade Level: GS7
Salary: 42671 USD Per Year
Hours per week: 40

Lead Program Support Assistant , 0303
Coordinates and Distributes all billing related activities, while assuring the completion of work assignments. Provides guidance to the billing staff and trains new billing employees. Monitors billing reports to ensure compliance to VA regulations, and makes recommendations to the Financial Services Manager of possible discrepancies and improvements to be made. Provides back up to the billing staff as the workload dictates. Ensures that all necessary consents for release of information and Power of Attorney assignments are obtained from veterans prior to billing for services. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Deborah Barker, Supervisor's Phone: 316-685-2221 ext 57005)

Department of Veterans Affairs 11/2004 - 5/2006
Wichita, KS US
Grade Level: GS6
Salary: 31262 USD Per Year
Hours per week: 40

Prgram Support Assistant , 0303
Ensured that proper billing procedures and practices were followed in billing for insurance reimbursement for VA health care visits. Billed for outpatient,inpatient,Work Comp, Tort, No Fault cases, and pharmacy billing. I also was the sole biller for Other Revenue entities, such as ChampVA, Tricare, Fugitive Felons, Sharing Agreements, and Prison Services (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Deborah Barker, Supervisor's Phone: 316-685-2221 ext 57005)

Department of Veterans Affairs 9/2003 - 11/2004
Wichita US
Grade Level: GS5
Salary: 28792 USD Per Year
Hours per week: 40

Health Benefits Advisor , 0303
Ensured that veterans were counseled on benefits entitled to them, and to ensure that they were enrolled correctly into the VA Health Care system.

EDUCATION Everglades University
Boca Raton, FL US
Bachelor's Degree - 6/2007
69 Semester Hours
Major: Alternative Medicine
GPA: 3.87 out of 4.00
Relevant Coursework, Licensures and Certifications:
Ethics in Health care, and Stress Reduction and Relaxation.

Butler Community College
El Dorado, KS US
Associate Degree - 7/2003
101 Semester Hours
Major: Accounting
GPA: 3.61 out of 4.00
Relevant Coursework, Licensures and Certifications:
Psychology, Sociology, Principles of Speech, Stress Management, Philosophy, Information Processing Systems, and Medical Terminology.

JOB RELATED TRAINING I have taken and passed the Certification course for the Health Benefits Advisor offered by the VA Employee Education System, November 2007. I have also taken and passed the course called Working the System on 12/16/2006 through the VA Employee Education System. I have also received a certificate of training for the Department of Veterans Affairs Suicide and Awareness Prevention on 02/14/2007. I have just recently taken and graduated from the Robert J Dole VAMC 2008 Facility LEAD Program (Personal Mastery, Technical Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness,
Systems Thinking, Customer Service, Creative Thinking, Flexibility and Adaptability, Organizational Stewardship) from March to September of 2008. On January 22, 2009, I received a certification for the Business Office Program Integrator (Level 1). I have achieved my Medical Codling Certification from US Career Institute, and passed with a 95% average. I am a coder with a CPC-A (Certified Professional Coder-Apprentice) standing, and am looking to gain a years experience in the work force to obtain my full credential status. I have applied to OHSU to obtain a Post-Graduate Certificate in Health Information Management; this will allow me to sit for the nationally recognized RHIA (Registered Heath Information Administrator) certificate when completed. I was accepted into the VA/CBO RCET program, for fiscal year 2010 and have traveled to perform peer-to-peer reviews of other VA Hospital's Revenue programs.

AFFILIATIONS American Association of Professional Coders Member
Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxillary Lifetime Member

REFERENCES Deborah Barker Department of Veterans Affairs Financial Services Management Supervisor
Phone Number: 316-685-2221 ext. 53250
Reference Type: Professional

Betty Price Department of Veterans Affairs Accounts Receivable Supervisor
Phone Number: 316-685-2221 ext. 57020
Reference Type: Professional

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION I have taken courses through the VA system and on the outside in Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, and Power Point. I type 60-65 WPM. 10-Key; 320 KSP. I have taken courses through the VA educational system in Communication and Customer Service.