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Thread: CPT codes 28270 and 28230

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    Default CPT codes 28270 and 28230

    I'm fairly new to Podiatry billing and recently had a denial of a second level appeal by TriWest for bundling of CPT codes 28270 and 28230. Per CCI edits, these coeds don't bundle, but I can't get TriWest to pay for 28230. Could anyone explain why? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    both of those codes are (seperate procedures) if the separte procedure is carried out independently or considered unrelated then a "seperate procedure" can be billed.....

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    I think the desription of 28270 includes "with or without tenorrhaphy". Were the procedures done through separtate incisions? Can you truely say these were separate procedures? I can't read the report but I am trying to think likethe payer.

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