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Project Description:
We are a small pharmaceutical company conducting a patient survey and asking questions about:
a. what type of physicians they visit (mainly PCP, cardiologist, neurologist) and how often
b. Visits for physical therapy
c. diagnostic procedures
d. hospitalizations and reasons for hospitalizations, including procedures performed
e. home care services received
f. nursing home/long-term care utilization
g. use of durable medical equipment, such as walking aids, wheelchairs

We need someone to help us translate the answers into codes that can be used for Medicare inpatient and outpatient. We would like to assign medicare costs to the answers, but need help translating, for example, what the appropriate code or codes would be for a hospitalization for spinal surgery, or a visit to a cardiologist for an annual examp, or an echocardiogram. There are between 10 and 20 questions that need coding assistance.

We are hoping for 250 responses from patients.

Thank you very much.

Contact Information:
Dan Thornton
Santhera Pharmaceuticals
Charlestown, MA