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Thoracic Dorsal column Neurostimulator trial using Eight Electrode Compact Single Lead (Medtronic system)
Thoracic percutaneous eight electrode, standard, bilateral leads, one on each side of the midlin from T3 to T7

Details of Procedure: The patient was laid down prone on the procedure table. Mid and lower back was cleaned with Betadine and alcohol and draped in sterile conditions. Through the T12-L1 intralaminar space after confirming placement of 13-gauge cannula the epidural space with AP lateral view. Eight electrode trial lead was inserted and navigation all the way to the thoracic spine where tip of the eight electrode lead was at mid line of T 8 vertebral body, just right to the mid line. For his thoracic pain, bilateral percutaneous leads were placed from T7 to T3 level, in the midpedicular line, oneach side. All of the leads were secured to the skin with sutures. Initial programming on the OR table showed excellent spread of the electrical activity in the lower back and both legs covering all the areas of pain, and standard dressing was applied.

Initial programming shows good spread of the electrical activity in the neck. The patient was quite happy with the spread of the electrical activity.