I am having a hard time coding this. Here is the scenerio:

Twins born preemie, on Gentamycin (very stong antibotic)in hospital. Passed NB Hearing screen, but our doctors wanted to check hearing @ 4mo b/c Gentamycin is quite toxic, hard for the body to break down, and has been know to cause deafness.

These boys have bcbs and @ the 4 month WCC we did the Hearing test. At that time it was billed w/V20.2. Obviously it should of not been that, and when the EOB came in it was a noncvrd srvc due to DX. Normally that would be a benefit issue between the family and the ins co, but I feel like we should of coded different. I can't use V72.11 because they did not fail, V72.19 seems to general.

Does anyone know of a code to use for this? Or have this happen @ their practice?

thanks in advance!