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Thread: E/M Audit Worksheets

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    Question E/M Audit Worksheets

    I am trying to find a site or somewhere I can go to get e/m worksheets. I feel silly asking this but I have looked and I apparently am not looking in the right place. If someone could help me out I would really really apprecaite it.
    Thank you, Miranda

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    Don's website has several; alphabetically arranged. There may be one that fits your needs.

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    This is a good 1995 E/M Audit tool

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    Default E/M Worksheets

    Hey there,

    try the E/M University. they have a free login area that you can download an E/M tool. Also try the Palmetto webpage. They have an online E/M tool that is cool but it is only online. Try also the Trailblazer website. They have a very good one. There are several more but I would have to locate them and i don't have the extra time right now. Try NHIS website they have an awesome one, and get the guidelines from CMS for 1995/1997.

    Hope this helps
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