I am a newly certified coder but have been coding ED and Urgent Care for about 2yrs. Recently I started a new job at a billing company and one of their main(biggest) accounts is with pediatrics. My question is regarding well baby visits. If the baby(5 day old new pt. and a 1month old est.pt.) is just brought in for a weight check only, what is the appropriate dx code? The 5 day old new patient was coded 99202 and just said weight check so, I would think it's V20.2. But, the est.pt. was coded a 99214 and just said weight check. Instead of a well visit I want to use V67.9(follow up). Since most insurance companies only cover 1 well visit per year. But, a follow up to what? Is there a primary code I can use in addition with the Vcode? Or should I request notes to see if these weight checks have anything to do with low birth weight,malnutrition etc.?

I would appreciate all that can help!!!

Erica Barden, CPC NY