Scenario: Patient present to ER for irrigation and repacking of abscess site, rt mons veneris by Dr. Scott. Was seen in the clinic yesterday, July 31st. She had, in fact, been see on Friday, July 30th by the PA. who had incised and drained & then packed a large abscess of rt mons veneris. Placed on Keflex. On evaluation today the abscess has cleared. Wound much improved. There is no purulent drainage but only a modest degree of serosanguineous drainage from the site, however there is yet a 2 cm indurated parameter around the incision. Packing is removed and then wound is irrigated with saline and repacted with 1/2 in gauze, approximatedly 10 cm and dressed with 4x4 and ABD. Recheck with PA in clniic on tomorrow. Hopefully at that point she can transition to home management of same.

Billed an I&D 10060 on 7/30. Since there is a 10 global on this can this patient be billed in the ER setting for dressing change. Originally done by the PA and now being seen by a Dr. but of the same group practice in the ER. If we indeed can bill for this what code would you use and modifier?
Please advise. Thanks.