Can we code the below procedure with

36215(left subclavian)
36215x6-59(intercostal arteries)

Clinical history: Patient is a 55-year-old gentleman presenting
with hemoptysis.

Utilizing singlewall puncture technique the
right common femoral artery was entered with a 21-gauge
micropuncture needle. Utilizing change technique a 5 French
vascular sheath was placed. A 5 french Omni Flush catheter was
then advanced into the ascending aorta and digital subtraction
angiography of the thoracic aorta was performed. The Omni Flush
catheter was retracted into the descending aorta and digital
subtraction angiography of the descending aorta was performed. No
specific abnormal blood vessels were demonstrated on the thoracic
aortogram. Multiple guidewires and catheter combinations were
utilized in attempts to selectively catheterize the intercostal or
the bronchial arteries. Selective catheterizations were not
possible. This included the use of a McKesson catheter, US2
catheter, 2 selective and 3 selective Omni catheter as, as well as
a 2 and 3 Simons catheters. Partial selective catheterization
however was achieved of several mid left-sided intercostal
arteries which failed to demonstrate abnormal appearance.
Selective catheterization was also performed of the left
subclavian artery with out evidence of abnormal vessels from the
subclavian directly or its branches.

Normal thoracic aortogram. Normal left subclavian angiogram.
Partial selective catheterization accomplished of several left mid
intercostal branches which were normal in appearance. Selective
catheterization of the bronchial arteries not achieved. No
interventions taken as abnormal feeding vessel to pathology not

Impression: Selective bronchial artery catheterization not
achieved. Only limited imaging of several left intercostal
branches obtained which were unremarkable in appearance. No
abnormal vessels noted off the subclavian left artery or its
branch vessels. No interventions taken as the abnormal vessels
supplying pathology within the left lung was not discretely