Can I have help with the procedure please:

A superior conjunctival incision was made at the 10:00 meridian. The MVR blade was used to perform a sclerotomy 3.5 mm posterior to the surgical limbus. The viscous fluid extrusion syring was placed at a 45 degree angle. The tip was inserted into the vitreous cavity and the silicone oil was removed.

A peripheral clear corneal incision was made with the Beaver 57 blade for 3mm. A 15 degree blade was used to enter the anterior chamber. Amvisc was instilled. A bent 25 guage needle was used to perform a capsulorhexis. The lens was then hydrodissected from the lens capsule with ablunt, long 27 gauge cannula and BSS solution. The chang chopper was used to rotate the lens in the capsular bag to insure adequate mobility. A separate stab incision was made at the 2:30 meridian of the clear cornea and the original wound was enlarged to 2.4 mm. The Phaco Handpiece and Chang Chopper were inserted and a combined Phaco/Chop technique was employed to fracture the lens into sections with ultimate removal by the Phaco handpiece. The I/A cannula was used to remove the residual lens cortex. The wound was enlarged to 3 mm and the Monarch Injector was used ton place a folded Acrysof MA50BM Acrylic Lens into the capsular bag. The trailing haptic was dilated using a Sinskey lens hook. Balanced Salt Solution was used to reconstitue the anterior chamber volume.

A second trocar/cannula was placed at 1:00 and the light pipe was inserted. Partial air fluid exchange was carried out to permit more complete removal of silicone oil. An 18 gauge metal blund needle was used to remove residual SO form the air/fluid interface. The retina was attached. The peripheral retina was stable with no tears or retinal detachment.

Once completed, BSS was again used to fill the posterior chamber. The 1:00 cannula was removed and the sclerotomy at 1000 was closed with 7-0 Vicryl suture.

A retinal repair by vitrectomy was done approximately 6 months prior to this on the same eye.

Would I use 67112-Lt for the Vitrectomy and 66984 for the IOL?