Good morning everyone, I have really 2 questions hope someone can help me with, 1 I work for a teaching hosp 1st is the head dr of an er allowed to sign off on charts for the other drs in the er, example dr a comes maybe 2-3days every other month and quite a few times (dr a) leaves without signing the er chart or signing the ekgs... the head dr doesn't complete any charts other than the signatures, and if he isn't is there any where I can get that on paper, I looked at the medlearn for teaching phsycians and really didn't see it answered or asked.
2nd when 2 er doctors see 1 pt do you make it a split case or is that an internal decision, don't really know about split/sharred visits and on that note if 2 dr do see pt, 1st dr orders an ekg and signs that ekg the 2nd dr comes takes over the cas and see's pt and discharges pt how do you handle the ekg? I hope someone can answer or at least give me a push in the right direction on how to find out...thanks alice