Would CPT codes 76942 be content to 53850 or can you bill for this separately? The documentation states “pre-treatment prostate ultrasound was performed” and then goes on to specify the probe was placed in the rectum….. did the calculations – then states the dimensions were used to program the unit prior to beginning treatment. The ultrasound probe was turned to the lateral projection and anesthesia block of the prostate was performed by injecting 7 cc liodcaine…… ultrasound probe was removed…. Then he starts documenting procedure and Transabdominal ultrasongraphy …… to ensure proper positing of treatment catheter……

Also they did not bill for a transabdominal ultrasound – can they??

One other Question
I have a doctor who billed 53850, 64450, 76942, 76872, 51703 and 76775 - i know 64450 and 51703 are bundled and no modifier is allowed - that leaves
53850, 76942, 76872 and 76775 - 76872 is bundled but modifier okay according to edits

this is related to the intraoperative ultrasound I sent you earlier - I think he used 76775 for the catheter but that code is for needle

Would you say these other codes are included in the 53850 and should not be billed separately?

here are the procedures titles:
1. Transrectal ultrasound of the prostate (preablative study)
2. ultrasound guided anesthetic blockade of the prostate
3. abdominal ultrasound from placement of treatment catheter
4. transurethral microwave therapy of the prostate
5. place of indwelling foley catheter - complicated