Does anyone know if I put the full information in box 19, about the amount of drug used and discarded,price of vial,amount in vial..and the insurance company generally pays us the full amount billed out for the I still have to put another line of service using the Jcode again with modifier JW? and how much would i charge? Is that double payment if they pay on that line, when they have already paid the full amount from the first line?
Ex: J3490 1 unit @ $20=$20,(this info in box 19,150mg propofol ndc#123,$20/vial,200mg=1 vial, 50mg discarded propofol,)
J3490 1 unit @ $20,(same as above),modifier JW in modifier box,(same info in box 19)

Or would you not bill the second line when you know the insurance company pays the full vial amount anyway just from billing out the original line?and just keep all that info in box 19?
Or would you split the cost fractionally between the two lines? say $15 for the first line of claim and then $5 on the second line of claim?

Please help!! THanks