Wanted to ask some of the coders thoughts on this--I recently brought a review to my coding supervisors whether it was accurate coding to bill a dc code when a physician dictates a dc summary--basically does all the work (i.e. face to face visit, documentation-all critieria met) then the next day gets admitted to rehab, and then that same physician who discharge pt from service might see that pt again to continue care while they are now in rehab with a different attending. They ruled out to go ahead and bill a dc code stating going into rehab has its own pay scale, therefore a dc code from a specialty, and an admit can be billed out by a rehab physician. Now, when a patient goes into hospice, and that physician that was following does the same thing--dictates a dc summary, and then patient goes into hospice, but they are still considered the attending, is that the same as the rehab issue therefore would you bill for that dc code, and then the next day bill a ubsequent care with a hospice modifier to argue that being in hospice also has its own pay scale? Please help.