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Procedure: Right adductor enthes injection, local anesthetic and corticosteriod

The patient's right groin and genital region was prepped with betadine and draped in sterile fashion.
AP fluoroscopic images were utilized to identify pelvic bony landmarks and skin entry marked and anesthetized with 1% lidocaine. a 22gauge 5" quincke point stylette spinal needle was then advanced under multiplanar fluoroscopic imaging to contact the ischium at the insertion ot adductor musculature. Following a negative aspiration test, confirmatroy contrast study performed sequentially following negative aspiration test and incremental injection of 5 ml of preservative -free 0.75% bupivicaine containing 40 mg of triamicinolone into broad adductor of enthes on the right. The needle was removed and the patient's groin washed with betadine.