The instrument we perform chemistry tests on is a blood gas/ chemistry analyzer. When the physician orders a BMP the instrument calcutlates the CO2 (82374) based on the pCO2 and the PH (82803). Because the CO2 is calculated we cannot charge code 82374. We charge 82803 because these are the tests we actually performed to get the CO2 result that the physician has ordered.

I have been advised that we cannot charge the code 80047 for our BMP since the CO2 is calculated. So these are the codes we charge.
84295 sodium
84132 potassium
82435 chloride
82947 glucose
84520 bun
82565 creatinine
82330 ionized calcium
82803 ph & PC02 ( test performed to calculate the CO2)

If this is incorrect can someone please advise?