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Thread: Is TIUP a billable diagnosis for C-Section?

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    Default Is TIUP a billable diagnosis for C-Section?

    I have a Dr. who performed a C-Section & BTL but as the diagnosis he used TIUP; Repeat C/S; & MPDPS. I told him the C-Section could be billed if he used Repeat C/S & MPDPS (because the pt had a prior C/S & she also wanted permanent sterilization), of course, he refuses to do so. Can anyone tell me where in our coding rules that TIUP (used as the 1st diagnosis) is not a billable diagnosis? I need to show him as a ruleTIUP is not Medically Necessary for a C-section.

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    Previous LSCS, with this time multiple pregnancy/ twin pregnancy is a definite indication for repeat LSCS. It is a medical necessity.
    TIUP perse, alone (without previous LSCS or other causes) is not an indication for CS. No physician would do that. Here there is Previous LSCS with TIUP
    But the tubal ligation with cesarean is not a separate procedure.
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