Hi all,

I'm new to coding congenital cases so I'm not as familiar with the CPTs used in most of these cases.

We have a patient who had an aortic homograft and a pulmonary homograft after her Ross procedure failed prematurely. She then developed stenosis in both homografts and presented for replacement.

I was unsure about the code for replacing the pulmonary homograft.
33475 is only for valve replacement & does not account for replacement of part of the pulmonary artery.
33697 mentions a pulmonary homograft but the patient does not have tetralogy of Fallot.
33608 is for a conduit between the PA and the right or left ventricle.

I believe 33608 is the most appropriate, my only concern is that the patient did not have a VSD.

Does anyone have any opinions/advice on this? Thanks so much!

Lisi, CPC