these have always been done by our cytogenticist but now are being done by an MD would you give the MD that did this test the 88291, or to the physician that does the overall review of the entire case including an interp and report of the FISH test.

nuc ish(EVI1x2)
nuc ish(FIP1L1-CHIC2-PDGFRA)x2
nuc ish(PDGFRBx2)
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) was negative for the EVI1 gene
rearrangement. There was no evidence for loss of the EVI1 gene. FISH was
negative for the CHIC2 deletion/FIP1L1-PDGFRA fusion and the PDGFRB gene
No. of Cells Analyzed: 721
No. of Cells Imaged: 6
The cells analyzed by FISH were primarily in interphase and derived from a
24-hour harvest of unstimulated bone marrow aspirate cell cultures. FISH was
performed using Vysis DNA probes (Vysis, Inc., Downers Grove, IL) and Aquarius
DNA probes (Rainbow Scientific, Windsor, CT).
*Patient Cells DNA Probe Total # Cells Studied Abnormal
# % EVI1 (3q26) 321 5 1.6** FIP1L1-CHIC2-PDGFRA (4q12) 200 0
PDGFRB (5q33) 200 0
*Concurrent controls are run with most probes and the values are available
upon request, as are our laboratory control reference ranges and published
control reference ranges.
** The finding of five cells with a split signal for EVI1 (1.6%) is within the
1-3% range for false positive signals for break-apart probes [Dewald GW et al.
(2002) Clinical Laboratory Medicine, 2nd Edition, Edited by K.D. McClatchey,
Chapter 32, p11].
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