My doc doesn't do many of these. Matter of fact, this is the 1st one I've come across in my time here. Op-note is posted below, I'm not finding that it really fits into the arthrodesis categories that are listed in CPT. Any help would be great!

A longitudinal incision was made over the dorsum of the right wrist, hand, and distal forearm and subcutaneous tissue was sharply dissected down through the fascial layer. The extensor retinaculum was released and the extensor digitorum cominus was retracted ulnarly and the extensor pollicis longus was retracted radially after release from around Lister tubercle which was excised with an osteotome. The articular cartilage and the radiocarpal and intercarpal joints were then denuded. The second carpometacarpal joint was denuded of articular cartilage before a dorsal Synthes fusion plate was placed. Bone graft from the radius wehre bone was excised was packed around the carpal bones before the wound was irrigated copiously with sterile saline.