Any help on this op report would be appreciated!

Incision around left colsotomy taken down through skin and subcutaneous tissue. Ostomy was dissected and delivered inside the abdominal cavity. Same done for the ileostomy on right side.

Both ends of the bowel were then transected using a GIA in healthy areas. Two ends of the bowel were then aligned together with vicryl suture. Both ostomy ends were passed as specimens. Small enterotomies were made. anastomosis was then made with GIA. It was transected and found to be healthy. The bowels were put back in their anastomotic position. On the ostomy on the left side was closed. The same done on ostomy of right side. In the ostomy site the subcutaneous was closed and the skin left open and packed in the midline.

Would this be 44625 and 44620?