Can someone please help me with this; it is a little confusing. On the charge sheet we use for Cyberknife. It has for the code description for 61798 Cranial Lesion Complex (>3.5) 1st Fraction only then for 61799 Cranial Lesion Complex (>3.5) 2nd-5th Fraction
According to the CPT book 61799 is an add-on code for each additional lesion it does not mention anything about fractions. My doctor did a total of 3 fractions and so he marks 3 dates for example
61798 = 8/30/10
61799 = 8/31, 9/1/10
Someone said that it can be billed this way but I don't understand how if 61799 is an add-on code and can't stand alone? Thanks for anyones help.