Attended a audio on demand workshop put on by the AAPC recently. There was an example of a office visit where x-rays were performed stated as "x-ray performed in office does not demonstrate any significance. Possibly some subchondral erosions in the DIP's consistent with osteoarthritis".The auditor example stated "there is an indication of an x-ray being performed but we are missing an order, the number of views and anatomic site of the x-ray as well as the interpretation. The x-ray was not marked on the charge ticket. But my question is why did the auditor say it was not interpreted? The documentation states the results. Is it because the physician did not state that they personally read and reviewed the xray?? That is my thought. When I brought this to our physicians attention that this was probably what the auditor was trying to say. it is just standard procedure that we read and review every xray that we order. There is no one else there to read it. If the office has it stated in there clinic policy manual that if the physician who orders any xray will also read and review/interpret said xray. They do not think they should have to state that in their dictation each time because it is standard policy. Would that policy suffice when shown to an auditor upon an audit. Please advise as the physicians are awaiting an answer from a certified professional auditor preferably from Medicare's standpoint