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Thread: Coding multiple biopsies

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    Default Coding multiple biopsies

    On a Medicare patient, our doctor biopsied a facial lesion, then suspecting it was malignant, performed electrocautery destruction on the portion of the lesion remaining. He also biopsied a lesion on the patient's back during the same visit. The encounter was coded as follows:
    CPT 17281-59 dx 173.3 paid
    CPT 11100-59 dx 173.3 paid
    CPT 11100-59 dx 173.5 denied
    The provider services rep has informed me that -59 is not appropriatly used with CPT 11100 and that I should find a different modifier. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks much.

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    Default Duh

    OK never mind. Let's just chalk this one up to a senior moment.

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