I know 49000 is not to be billed when other surgical procedures end up being performed, but what about in this instance?
OBGYN performed TAH, the OBGYN already has the uterus removed and became concerned regarding an inflammatory area in the right lower quadrant and extensive adhesions and anatomy was somewhat unusual when Dr entered the abdominal cavity. He therefore called in the general surgeon who performed an exploratory laparotomy to ensure other complications did not exist, the general surgeon did NOT perform lysis of adhesions (OBGYN did when cleared by surgeon). The notes appear as if each surgeon did their own part, once the general surgeo reassured the OBGYN, he completed the TAH and sutured the patient.
Since the surgeon did not actual assist in the TAH, do each bill their own surgery, even though one of them is the 49000?

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.