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Thread: dermoid cyst

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    Default dermoid cyst

    I have a 4 yr old with a right postauricular area dermoid tumor that came in for supratentorial resection of a dermoid tumor for underlying cranium, reconstruction of area, and contouring of the underlyng cranial bone

    I came up with 216.2 cpt 69150
    The provider put CPT code 21181 13152 61304

    Not sure which is right??

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    Default Need to see the op note

    Please post the scrubbed op note - cannot give an accurate answer without the note.

    F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC

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    Yes the info is inadequate. the op notes is very important.
    the supra tentorial dermoid cyst / or any dermoid cyst does not have an accurate code.
    Dermoid can occcur in ovary, skin , spinal cord and the brain, the brain Dermoid are the rarest amongst them all.
    Though the approach was posterior auricular, from the notes you furnished it seems to be a Supratentorial Dermoid cyst of the brain usually occuring at the frontal base or temporal base/posterior cranial fossa
    so I would use the "Benign Neoplasm of the Brain and the other parts of the nervous system - 225.0 Brain , benign neoplasm.
    you can still give the symptoms like varient headache syndrome: 346.2. Headache: 784.0 or siezure if it was there, as sec diagnosis, which were the reason for the encounter.
    I doubt your diagnosis Code 216.x seems to be off the track, because the basic structural pathology of Dermoid , is not found in any one of those listed in 216.2.

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