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Thread: coding gastrocnemius spasm

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    Question coding gastrocnemius spasm

    Can someone tell me what ICD 9 code you would use for gastrocnemius muscle spasm?

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    848.8 other specified siteds of sprains and strains.
    Muscle pull and spasm are categorized under Strains.

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    I would use muscle spasm.. 728.85

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    That is great , I have a say about it-If is associated with disorder , Yours is perfect. If it is associated with physical activities or without any underlying cause like due to exaustion, pulling of the muscle , what I suggested would suit, I think

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    As someone who often gets Gastrocnemius muscle spasms, they hurt like a b-word by the way, I'd have to agree with eadun2000 on this one. I definitely wouldn't code it as a sprain unless documented as such. It's essentially just a contraction of your calf muscle. That being said, both muscle spasm and muscle contraction code to 728.85. Hope this helps!
    Vanessa Mier, CPC

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    I would suggest 728.85 Spasm of muscle
    Nandha CPC

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