OK... You can bill an EMG on it's own, and you can bill an EMG with an NCV, but if you bill Medicare for an NCV without an EMG you have to have a medical diagnosis preventing the EMG. My provider didnt provide one in one of his dictations, so I asked him and he said the reason he didn't do the EMG was that he wasn't there that day; the techs did the NCV under the supervision of a neurologist who's not credentialed to perform EMGs or NCVs. However, the TECH is credentialed and qualified to perform the NCV.

My provider wants to bill for the provider portion of the NCV because he interpereted it, because he's the only one qualified to read it (This is a rural area with a primarily elderly population base and we have a shortage of Neurology specialists).

I'm not sure that's OK. The Medicare LCDs state that "It would be expected that the person interpreting the test is also supervising the test, as part of the supervision involves evaluating both the quality and extent of testing performed".

I think he can't bill for this, but I'd like a second opinion. Any takers?