Please help! Not my forte, and I am auditing this bill for a third party.
Procedures were done on two cervical levels: C4/5 and C6/7 via anterior approach AND using fluoro

On C6/7 a total anterior diskectomy was performed with decompression and an artificial disk placement with Prodisc-C implant.

At the C4/5 level, this is what is narrated in the OP report:

"A spinal needle and stylet were advanced into to C4/5 disk to the posterior one third of the C4/5 disk space. The stylet was removed. The spine probe was then placed through the spinal needle into the posterior one-third of the C4/5disk space. This was the distal aspect of the decompression channel. Manual decompression then proceeded with retraction of the spine probe to the middle one-third of the C4/5 disk space. This was the proximal aspect of the decompression channel. The probe was inserted and retracted from the proximal to the distal aspects and repositioned in the C4/5 disk as needed for a completed decompression. C4/5 disk herniation material was removed from the spine probe. The awl was attached to the spinal needle and the C4/5 disk was aspirated. Autologous growth factor (AGF) was injedcted into the C4/5 intervertebral disk. The spinal needle was removed. SSEP monitoring remained unchanged and the entire procedure was done under fluoroscopy.The surgeon coded 22856 (for C6/7) , 63076 (I presume for C4/5) and 77032"[/I]

Clearly, 63076 is an add-on code that cannot stand alone. I suspect they coded that because 63075 has a CCI with 22856, but since it is modifier allowed and these are two separate levels.

Would the correct codes be 22856 and 63075-59 (or would it be 51?)

I really appreciate anyone's help. I'm up against a deadline to turn this in, and I'm just so confused!!