Doc did an excisional biopsy of a submental neck mass. Pathlogy came back as a lymph node. I am looking at cpt code 38510 cervical node but his office says its cpt code 60280- excision of thyroglossal duct cyst or sinus

op reads- a horiZontal incision was made and carried sdown through skin and subcutsaneous tissue. The platysmal muscle was identified and split. Subcutaneous fat was then entered and a node was encountered proximal to the mylohyoid musle. DFirect dissection was then carried outt in a circumferential fashion removing the node intact. The vascular pedicle was tied with a coated Vicryl suture. Asmaller node remained.It was bit larger than a centimeter. There was a small node next to it, which was also removed.
Once this was accomplished, the area was copiously irrgated and reinspected. Several small bleeders were touched with cautery and procedure was terminated, Wounds were closedwith 5-0 Vicryl as well as chromic running and locking on the skin. Steri- Strips were alllied. -thanks