Not sure which CPT code to use for this procedure done at an ASC

PROCEDURE: Exploration with opening of colostomy stricture.

The opening of the skin overlying the colostomy measured 2 mm. A hemostat was able to be placed into the defect and it was apparent that there was a more cavernous opening underneath the stricture. Subsequently, bovie cautyer was used to open up the skin inferiorly and superiorly. Mucosa was visuzlied but not definitely identified circumferentially. The opening of the stricture was opened to approximately 1.0 cm; however, there appeared to be only old granulation tissue without discrete mucosa appreciated. Further efforts at opening the stricture were not made at this junction with the understanding that the patient would likely need a more formal revision of colostomy at some point in the future. At the conclusion of the case, adequate hemostasis was assurred. The opening was much larger thant at the beginning of the case.

Is there a code for this procedure? I found 44320 for a colostomy, however, he did not fully examine the abdominal contents.

Thanks for your help!