Plastic Surgeon did multiple repairs of extensive facial lacerations involving lip, cheek, chin and lower lip as result of a dog bite. Here are operative procedures that he did:

1. Rt cheek & full thickness lip reconstruction totalling 17.5 cm (includes lower lip repair and gingivobuccal sulcus repair)
2. Intermediate repair of lip laceration, 2.5 cm.
3. Simple chin laceration repair, 1.5 cm.
4. Initial wound debridement was also done.

Need help with coding, as new to plastics, and this was a very complex and extensive surgery?
40654 x 2, since upper & lower full thickness lip lacerations repaired.
13152; 13153 x 2 for upper lip laceration
11041 debridement used with both?
12051 for intermediate repair
12011 for simple repair