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Thread: ICD9 Help-ductal adenocarcinoma of breast

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    Default ICD9 Help-ductal adenocarcinoma of breast

    I am trying to figure out what ICD 9 code to use for poorly differentiated ductal adenocarcinmoa of the breast. The doctor states ER positive which I know will be V86.0, and that no lymph nodes are involved, but that is all it states.

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    I would code 174.9 because they are not telling you the location in the breast.

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    I would use 174.8 unless you know the exact location of the mass....
    Kristen Richard, CPC

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    I would choose the 174.9 if your physician does not state a location in the breast. If he states a location, then you would code by quadrant...or if overlapping sites of unknown origin, then you would use the 174.8...hope that helps!

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    sDuctal carsinoma breast occurs in the ducts of the breast. not in the breast (lobar tissues). So duct is located in all the quadrants of the breast and it can be uni or (more often) multiple foci, meaning many areas of the ductal system. It is a specified site/architecture within the breast
    So I go sure with the group of collegues with 174.8, unless there is acode opened for ductal system separately
    As such when we do not have one separately for ducts of the breast, how are we fix the histological types of diffentiated , undifferentiated or poorly diffentiated.
    Since the ducts traverse in all quadrants of the breast and all those quadrants are contained in 178.8 is yet another point for validation to 178.8. Poorly differnciated means severely aggressive in its behaviour

    Hope it helps you to ponder and clarify
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