Hi, i'm fairly new to coding mastectomies and what not. i'm not sure if this would be the correct coding: 19120-50-58 (pt received bilateral mastectomy 14 days earlier) and 38525-LT.
op procedure- left axillary dissection and revision of surgical margins, both breasts.

The surgeon notes, " left breast- The prior left mastectomy incision was opened. The subcutaneous tissue overlying where the tumor would have been was excised. This was marked with a clip on the new final margin, placed in formalin." he then describes doing axillary dissection. "right breast- The right breast incision was then opened. The subcutaneous fat directly over the tumor site was excised. It was orientated with a clip and placed in formalin."

again, would cpt codes 19120-50-58 and 38525 be correct?