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Thread: Dementia w/ Increased Agitation

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    Question Dementia w/ Increased Agitation

    Is there a code for Dementia NOS w/ increased agitation or behavioral disturbances? I see that 294.1 has 5th digits for this type of instance, but 294.1 is for Dementia in conditions classified elsewhere, and I need Dementia NOS (294.8).

    What code would you add to 294.8 to indiciate increased agitation or increased behavioral disturbances (yelling, combative)? Or is a different code altogether more appropriate?


    KLB, CPC

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    You would code it:

    307.9 other/unspecified nonpsychotic special symptoms or syndromes
    294.8 Persistent mental disorders due to conditions classified elsewhere
    Julianne Sheetz, CPC

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