Joint injection incidental to the ganglion cyst?

Cystic mass over the proximal aspect of the 5th metatarsal, aspirated clear gelatinous fluid until completely decompressed. Then punctured it multiple times w/ needle and then injected a combination of some lidocaine and kenalog. Massaged the area to rupture the cyst. (20612)

Then put a needle into the 5th tarsometatarsal jt and injected additional lidocaine and kenalog. The fluid was passing out the puncture wound from the excision. These 2 needle puncture sites were approx 3 or 4cm apart. This proved that this was a cyst associated with the 5th tarsometatarsal jt. (20600???)

DX given: rt 5th tarsometatarsal arthritis with associated ganglion cyst (716.97 and 727.41)