Is Debridement of anterior superior glenoid for arthritis the 29822 code? Also if a synovectomy 29820 of glenohumeral joint was done as well can that be coded along with 29822? A SLAP repair 29807 was also done for anterior superior labrum tear does that include the debridment? Confused a little since both debridment and Repair were done at the same site.

Description reads:
Synovitis was found throughout the glenohumeral joint and arthroscopic synovectomy was performed. There were some arthritic changes on the anterior superior glenoid with a large anterior superior labral tear and this region was debrided at this time using a
4.5mm shaver and the arthroscopic repair of the anterior superior labrum consistent with a SLAP lesion was repaired. This was performed passing a suture shuttle to the anterior superior labrum and passing a #2 FiberWire through the anterior superior labrum. FiberWire was threaded to a kntless anchor and a drill hole was placed in the anterior superior glenoid and he knotless anchor with the suture including the anterior superior labrum was inserted into the anterior superior glenoid to allow fixation of the anterior superior labrum. Suture was trimmed at its end. Subacromiol decompression was done to remove subacromial spur and clavicular spur. deltoid muscle was split to expose the subacromial space in which inflamed bursa was found. Open Bursectomy was performed.

Would this be a SLAP repair 29807?
I coded this as 29807, 29823, 29826-59,23929 am I on the right track?