Hi - i need some input on coding a hip arthrogram and injection under fluoro - the op report reads:

The patient was taken to the procedure room and placed in the supine fashion on the table. The right hip was prepped and draped in the usual fashion. The skin was anesthetized with 5 cc of 1% lidocaine.

Under c-arm intensifier a 22-gauge spinal needle was introduced into the hip joint and 3 ml of isovue was injected. A clear outline of the hip capsule was noted. The right hip was then injected with a mixture of 0.25% marcaine with epinephrine, decadron 4 mg and astramorph 4 mg.

The patient tolerated the procedure quite well.

I coded this 20610-rt and 77002-26.

However, i am wondering about 27093/27095 - what are the differences between the two coding scenarios and am i coding correctly?

Thanks for your help.