Hello super Ortho coders! It's like learning Greek! I'm new to ortho, so help is greatly appreciated.

Here's the codes I'm thinking, but I'm really not sure, and I'm not sure if I need to use 2 codes, or if it's all covered in one. I get 25515, and 25350, or 25355, I'm not sure on either one of those.

The op report states that the procedure performed is : Open reduction and osteotomy of the radial shaft fracture using 5-hole LC-DCP plate.

The procedure notes say this in part: Incision made along the proximal volar forearm adjacent to the brachial radialis down to the radial shaft protecting the radial nerve identifying the bowing of the fracture, as well as the initial fracture itself, for which osteotome and saw was used to perform osteotomy to allow the radius to lay down straight without angulation in AP and lateral plane, and to reestablish the radial bow. A 5-hole plate was applied with compression at the site with 3.5 cortical screws providing stable fixation with full forearm pronation, supination without evidence of fracture movement. Irrigation after this was performed.

Thanks for the help in advance!