Hi ya'll,

Have a situation that I need help with. Screening was performed to confirm if a patient had immunity to Hep A&B. The test came back negative. Patient started the series on 3/4/10. 30 days later he came back for the 2nd Hep B. 6 mos from the initial administration date the patient was given the last of the series for both Hep A&B. The insurance company paid for the 1st two claims but the insurance company is denying the claim for the last shot given in September. The initial claim was billed 90746, V05.3 and 90632, V05.3 with 90471 and 90472. The second claim was billed 90746, V05.3, and 90471. The third claim was billed 90636(Hep A&B combo), V05.3 and 90471. How can I get the claim paid? Is there a code for lack of immunity?