My pods use grafts for wound healing(dermagraft..etc..)(diabetic ulcers...)

The graft is intended for single patient/ single time use, but, they do not use the whole piece of graft. I realize medicare has a reimb policy for discarded supplies- but- we are billing commercial ins. AND I know medicare would not cover our cost and it is expensive.

I have told the pods not to specifiy how much of the piece of graft they use, it comes a certain size 2X2 cm and can only be used by one patient, one time, so they bought the whole piece?

I have spoken to the rep and he has told me this is appropriate.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't want to get busted charging for the whole piece if I am not supposed to be doing that. I am looking at it as the patient bought the whole piece and they use what they use?????