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    Default thyroid mass

    Does anyone know the ICD 9 for thyroid mass?

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    I want to say 240.9 only because if you look under mass in ICD -9 book down where it says substernal and right under there says thyroid -see also goiter 240.9 -but this may be helpful

    Associated ICD-9 Diagnostic Codes

    226 Benign tumor of thyroid
    193 Primary malignant tumor of thyroid
    198.89 Secondary malignant tumor of thyroid
    234.8 In situ tumor of thyroid
    237.5 Tumor of thyroid - unspecified
    240.0 Goiter, specified as simple
    240.9 Goiter, unspecified
    241 Non-toxic goiter
    241.9 Unspecified non-toxic nodular goiter
    242.0 to 242.9 Toxic diffuse goiter
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    Thyroid mass can be a cyst, a goiter, a tumor any swelling .
    so it is cannot be placed in any of those things. 246.9 only could go, i feel

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    I am agree with 240.9
    Surender Madaan, CPC
    New Delhi, India

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    I would code 241.0, the code for thyroid nodule. In your ICD-9 index, "Lump" indicates to see also Mass. These terms are interchangeable. Thyroid nodules are lumps which commonly arise within an otherwise normal thyroid gland. I googled the DX "thyroid mass" and from the information I gathered, I would definitely code to 241.0. Hope this helps!
    Vanessa Mier, CPC

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    The nodule is a small mass with firm or hard consistency where you can get to its edges or margins . It can be a benign or malignant neoplasm. But the description of the original thread is "Thyroid mass ",. It can be a huge or medium or small , or cystic, or soft or firm or hard or irregular or regular OR of any, away from a description. with this statement of thyroid mass, I would like to go only with all its uncertainity, what I said before, until a biopsy taken and reported

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    I agree with Preserene 246.9
    Jackie, CPC

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