Can anyone offer a 2nd opinion on this issue? It would be appreciated

Op Report reads:

Injection of Lidocaine given into each area of nerve tissue pain around the fibroma on the plantar foot. The area was incised and deepened. A sterile probe trocar was used to free up the tissue around the fibromal nerve area. Using Cryoprobe, the area was froze at 3 min intervals. The whole neurofibroma was treated. An inject of Kenalog was given to reduce swelling.

Our Dr is billing:
64640 (Destruction by neurolytic agent other peripheral nerve).
20550 (Injection tendon sheath)
J3301 (Kenalog)
96372 (Therapeutic injection)

Would a neuroplasty code be warranted instead of 64640?
CPT 64722, 64726 or 64704