Not sure what CPTs to use (if any) for the injections of marcaine. Any help is greatly appreciated.

OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: 1) Triple endoscopy; 2) Marcaine injection to the
tonsillar fossa and glossopharyngeal lesion

A laryngoscope was then placed in
the oral cavity. No oropharyngeal or hypopharyngeal lesions were seen.
The cords were normal. Tissues from the piriform sinus were biopsied and
sent for analysis. The patient had no endoluminal lesions were seen in the
piriform sinuses. An esophagoscope was passed to the level of the GE
junction. No endoluminal lesions were seen. A laryngoscope was placed
again and examination of the cords was done. A Hawkins rod was passed deep
to the cords and the endometrial tube was deflated. The Hawkins rod was
advanced down to the level of the right and left mainstem bronchi. The
patient had endoluminal lesions seen within the windpipe. Once completed,
the Hawkins rod was withdrawn, and the endotracheal tube was reinflated. One-half percent Marcaine was injected in the area of the right tonsil.
The right neck was palpated. The carotid was felt and kept deep to the
fingers. The sternocleidomastoid and its anterior margin was also palpated
and Marcaine was placed deep to the sternocleidomastoid muscle in an
attempt to decrease the pain. Care was utilized to ensure the carotid was
deep to the fingers on my left hand. Once completed, the procedure was